Monday, October 08, 2007

2 workout catch up

On Thursday I lifted up the street at Target Fitness...did speed bench AND a few Heavy raw benches in the rack (for the safety of it) and got a 350 380 385 and a 390, no hand offs...I don't like to test my RAW on heavy days because it feels different than shirt work and normally I focus on that, to prepare for the Raw benches were things I knew I could complete, or all my bragging rights in that gym would be I spose my real RAW wont get tested til I get the BIG shirted bench I want, out of the way first--551-562 in a MEET will do--

Yesterday, I did lockouts at Nancy's gym...usually I use the squat rack for nearly complete dead stop benches, but today I started with 6 inch lock outs and did Many sets up to 507 for 4 sets...

Then I sort of started over, by taking the pins down to to closer to my chest level for a longer stroke.. and did 350 for 5 --380 for 3 --396 for one 406, 416,426 and 436 for singles...then reverse bands with the 'greens' for 440 507 512 529...pretty good heavy day...not sore today !

Our pal Jane Smith got thru her world meet (IPF Master's WORLDS) with a 5th place finish...she truly was competitive and did looked as though the travel had her losing 10 pounds as she weighed in very light for her class...but, had she been able to go UP a class, instead ...her days total would've been gold !

Shawn O'Halloran got gold in his hotly contested division with a world record bench press...all that, with a shoulder injury ! wow ! Mighty Mighty Man !

All in all, the Canadian team did their country proud all the good news is at

Some People from the Northwest that I've met throughout the years did great at that meet too, Paula Houston, Jill Arnow, Kevin Stewart and Roger Hendrix among others either won OR qualified for individual lift gold and silvers !!
good going my friends !

I noted that in the 60 + supers (my division) my IPF 3 lift, World bench Press RECORD stayed untouched, unbeaten another year.....whew !! always a close call !
My Pal from Radio, many years ago, Hal Swift, (google Hal Swift Cowboy poetry) asked for me to show more trophies I've won over the years....well there are so many they would take 30 here is the latest batch that have slopped over onto the dining table....

'Hey Robert O....pass the bencher....I mean, the salt..."


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