Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Platform in 24 days !

It's 24 days before the WABDL World's ....that is, until I lift with the big boys in the Open 308's...I cant yet project what my numbers will be like, but you know I want that 540 Bench press for sure....but 551 and 562, are what would really make me happy...and of course, some time soon I want to see just how quickly 600 will tear my arms off !

My birth certificate says I'll be 65 years old when I lift....what does it know? talk to me for 5 minutes and you'll know I'm 13....

Today was speed bench day--I went to Target Fitness and attached the blue bands under the bench (Heavy Heavy to push against) then warmed up with 40 reps of 135 --then went right to the 225 pound main sets 4 reps X 8 sets--good speed on the bar...but NOT as explosive as I'd like...still, they will be ready by meet time,working that explosion back UP ! then for fun --took off bands and did 315 for 5 reps and a single with 365....seems easier than pushing on the 225 PLUS Bands....drat that cursed rubber !

When I took the bands off the ends of the bar--and let them flap back --they hit the gym carpet and made a loud SNAP POW !!!!

"Dude--Phil Spector is in the house !"

The Lotto TV spot that inspired my cartoon "The BLIMP" (it played on CBC TV as part of the nation wide show EXPOSURE) is on the air....without me...I tried out as an 'on camera' (not cartoon) wrestler type, and when 6 months passed and the spot never aired, I figured I didn't get the part because I looked TOO FAT--or the spot just was NEVER made....well, nope--it's on the air for BC LOTTO and I guess I wasn't FAT ENOUGH...the guy they chose probably has 60 pounds on me...of course they have 2 muscleman types and a CHYNA look alike actually looks damn good without me....but boy, can an actor be wrong ...when guessing why he's not chosen??
Surely, It can't be because of a lack of ugly ?!!


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