Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday's Heavy Bench !

About 5 pm Sunday, I worked out at Nancy's gym...this was a heavy bench day, sans Bench Press shirt...I wanted to hit some big numbers but without aggravating my, putting the bench in the squat rack, the pins at 7, I did pin presses from chest height UP from a dead stop...warm ups 135 for 20-- 245 X 10 --330 for 3 --350 X 1-374X1+1--394 X 1--then 404 (tough) backed off to 385 for 2 singles--then BACK to 404, easier this time---then 410 for my final raw explain HOW I get the bar at chest height, I have 2 inches to clear under the bar at 7 holes...but once under the bar, I arch up to touch it....then push...

I did reverse blue bands from that position with 440 for 3, 460X 1 --507 for 2 sets of 1-- singles with 517-527-537 and one tough 542.5

Fine and strong workout !

I have been enjoying the IPF World championships streaming video from IPF dot com..some terrific lifting and the judging was 95.8 % more rational this year..altho I do find the world meets easier to lift in than the regional and national can still see this great lifting which is archived at the site...hats off to IPF for offering these meets quickly to lifters across the world !

Terrible News---from powerlifting

Tim Chinchor reports on the passing of Richard Zareck at a meet on October 13 at All American Gym in Lakeland, Florida.

Richard was in the warm up area getting ready for his lift in the second flight when he had a massive heart attack, he had just completed a set of ten with 135lb, I did his lift off and walked beside the bench, he did one fine rapid set, looked good. When he stood up he dropped to his knees and went unconscious, attempts were made to revive him, to no avail . Richard left a wife three children and seven grandchildren, he was 66. Richard appeared to be in excellent shape weighing in at a rock solid 251lb. He was a lock to win best bencher with a third attempt to be 470 lb.. He was a very active bencher with still standing WABDL records, and records in other federations.

Anyone who spent time with Richard will remember he was a fantastic, funny and inspirational lifter who loved the science of the game. He will be forever missed. The sport lost a great soul at All American gym in Lakeland Florida on Saturday October 13th , he was doing what he loved when he passed away.


I saw Richard lift last year at the WABDL World's and was wildly impressed...this is a sad loss to our lifting community !

Tuesday back to speed work with bands --Saturday..Shirt work heavy !


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