Saturday, October 27, 2007

Iffy "Shirting"

Today was a heavy dress rehearsal, with my Katana shirt...This is the one that gave me the 535.6 pound 61-67 masters World record lift @ALKI in August...It, over the years has become loose on my arms and has been deemed an 'opener shirt'.

Just to be safe, I went up to 507 with it.. 495 wouldn't quite the 507 was picked to be a safe touched and went up for a legal looking lift --but it was difficult and slow at the top...
We torqued the sleeves mightily and tried 529 ---it wouldn't come down....then we tried touched, and came up to a very slow lockout....I'm not sure if the lockout was even (required for a good lift) but I was happy that I could do a super heavy weight in what is sposed to be a worn out shirt....seemed like I might of been stronger and the shirt seemed to be doing less of the work...still, I didn't have totally outstanding shirt work today..

I did many raw sets and some reverse band work so that my upper body was stressed in a good altho my lifting "artistry" was iffy...the workout was a success--

Next week, we test run my newest,and best Katana to get confident in the shirt...and set a 'plan' for attempts and strategy--we have 2 more HEAVY Saturday workouts til the meet...
Nov 16 Nancy competes,
Nov 17 I compete.

Nancy did a PR 205 POUNDS in the bench today...since she prefers kilos...that's 93 KG...that's really quite fine for a 50 year old Drug Free 154 pound woman !--If she gets it at the World's it will be a WABDL Canadian National Record.


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