Sunday, December 23, 2007

3 Bench workouts in one week !

Yesterday I did a Heavy Bench workout at Nancy's gym.
Used my oldest Katana (loose) shirt--and got 485- 485- 507- 507- 500 -485...this was primarily to get back to holding and using around,and slightly more than, 500 in training...don't want to peak too early ! and the Holiday season is Wimpionizing my training ..
BUT this session also contained raw lifts with 308- 330- 330- 330- 350- 350 (singles)
and 3's to 5's with 285-303-303-and a set of 12 with 225--
THEN with reverse bands I did 2 singles with 507 ..and some raw heavy lock outs.

all in all, the workout felt right.

Wednesday, I did speed bench without the bands 225X4 for 6 sets & 315X2X4 for a small workout.

On Thursday, I was called to do some "publicity" benching photos for a proposed feature that might be done on me, and geezerhood in strength sport...this was a surprise to have to workout a day after my 'light' session..but I did speed reps with 225 PLUS the heavy blue bands resisting the bar--these went faster than they have in weeks...and I did some 315 reps without warm ups ..then I demonstrated a pin press from on the chest with 385 (after warming completely down) as an after thought...

My point in telling you??

I was stronger and more explosive Thursday than I was Weds. with all the recovery time...could we be like Olympic lifters who train the day before the meet? and have a better result on the platform.

are there some days, when training like I did..actually would help your strength OR bar speed? ---well it did hold true for me for ONE day anyway.

Kinda Fun....went to a comic book store and in the used VHS tapes, they had for sale the old Horror Movie/comedy HOUSE it our President (of WABDL) Gus Rethwisch plays a prehistoric man, and is impressive as the 'monster' in this old 90's movie...I played the scene over and over for my friend Nancy and myself --what fun !!! total over the top goofy--but Gus is the biggest I've ever seen him--great to see this again after all these years.

He has an earlier scene --but this is the part that would can see that he is angry these guys are late for weigh in..and they have to leave early and cant stay for trophy presentations !

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Blogger Tony said...

Gus Rethwisch was quite large as buzzsaw in the running man in 1987. Don,t know if you have seen it. Hey how is it going? Just wanted to wish every one down there a merry Christmas and best in the new year.
only 6 more training days left this year.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

OH yes, that is Gus' most famous part ! the BUZZSAW character--and i guess you know that the Big Bald dude that gets shot in the eye with an arrow in the very beginning of SCORPION KING is GUS !!

Hey Tony thanks for saying hi ! best of New Years to you ! heard anything about where CPO nat's will be this year ?? sure would like to make it to this one this year and get some 65-69 year WR's in AWPC...anyway thanks for still reading my notes here..and hope to see you soon....are you helping any lifters at the BCPA Winter open Feb 10 ???--I might be helping a newcomer at that meet !

best, robo

12:46 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

I didn't know he was in the scorpion king. I haven't heard any thing about the cpo I talked to Bruce in mid nov at that time he said he would try to get a news letter out after the battle of monteral. If I can't make nationals I may show up at alki beach meet in june my goal this year is to bench 600 at the wpc worlds seeing as rehab on my low back is going slow at best. I will not be going to the winter open. I've been training on my own for almost two years now. I stopped by the fall classic just to say hi as I was in the area.
now off to find the scorpion king

8:46 AM  

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