Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Heavy day !

Yesterday, I did a heavy day including a bit of shirt work,reverse bands, and some pin presses...kept good speed on the bar and hit a 500 shirted bench rather easily...didn't go farther because I was using the gym that allows me a "secret" membership and they have racks that are just barely wider than my grip...I was hesitant to go all out, due to possibly leaving some 'hand' behind on the posts...

BUT what a gas of a workout...a new lifter, Dave Greene who was known as "Heavy Duty" on the OLD Monster Muscle forum..joined me today..and with the spotting aid of Ralph and an enthusiastic fitness trainer...we went thru tons of work, including putting Dave into a shirt for the first time...looks like the informal BC team of Myself, Jody Cranston, Nancy Carpenter, Bruce Everett and Jane Smith has a new lifter to travel and compete in some power events in the new year....first one I see looming is March 8th in Pasco...altho I think Dave might bench raw in the BCPA meet in February...Jane seems to be keen on that contest too. (assumption)

Wednesday I had visited the gym for 'speed day' and got a good workout in, so I might have kicked the weak ass bob syndrome to the curb....

the animation above by me...a few years back in a program called Amorphium 3

Next heavy workout Saturday at Nancy's gym ( A Den of strength )


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