Monday, December 03, 2007

Back to it !

The Results are up for the WABDL Worlds
Best wishes go out to Gary Thomas who had emergency spinal surgery, while he was in California.
Gary and Elma (webmasters--and main contest data controllers for WABDL ) Just got home to Bend, Oregon and will update lots of things on the site before heading to the Ocean for some Rn'R--it wouldn't be the same without their friendship and help at all the major's to a serene Holiday and speedy recovery, to the nicest people in the sport !

Check out the results page there are some incredible lifts noted on the list !

I've only worked out twice since the meet, both days were heavy pin press days--my 'shirt' day at Nancy's gym was 'snowed out' so I went up to Target Fitness yesterday and stole a workout there...

In the Squat rack I set the bench in, and the pins at chest height, I pressed from a dead stop- to da top !

225X15 315X5 -365-365- 385- 385-390-390- 395- 400--
then I did small purple reverse bands for 405X4 425X3 435X2 445+450 for a pretty good workout...this replaced work with the bench shirt...and was crafted to have more work in it than last weeks pin press session.

BIG NEWS --in a whole different world Ryan Kennelly just astounded the Bench Press World with a 1050 lift in the APA federation (professional division) to the side on my blog here is a link to Powerlifting Watch dot over there to go to the site that shows his lift on YOU TUBE also PLW has threads of congratulations on this unheard of accomplishment--he almost made 1105 as well, but it stalled out an inch or so from lockout !
Here's a shot I took of Ryan in Portland a few years back --he's even more impressive now at around 347 pounds !


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