Monday, November 19, 2007

Preliminary WABDL World's Rambling

Just got 6 hours sleep so I'm ready to make sense...yeah,right!

The power page update at:
is updated with new pictures and a short report of Saturday's lifting.

I'll put as many pictures as I can about the recent and GREAT, WABDL World Championship in Anaheim California...First, big thanks to Joe Mickelson who handed off the bar for me on Saturday..allowing me to be calm enough to DO my 551 without worry..Of course you know by now, my friend Nancy Carpenter makes sure my shirt is on just right ! and my training partner on heavy days Canada Post's own Bruce Everett is the reason Nancy and I can train heavy,successfully at all--his lift offs are precise, assuring and perfect !
Nancy Lifted a Canadian National record of 198 pounds ! -As a matter of fact she got 12 white lights on picture perfect, strict lifts, under the sharp eye of head judge, powerlifting legend Gordon Santee --she went 80 kilos -85 kg- 89kgs--then 90 Kilos for her 4th attempt...she brought home a huge loving cup for top honors in the 2007 World's...this was her best ever and it looked like she had 10 more kilos in the tank--she weighed in 10 pounds light for her class and is nearing the 52 year age mark.

I only got 10 white lights, but it was enough to get my goals of 540 and 551 in the bench @ 65 years old...I was so elated, I 'levitated' along side the airplane on the way home. I had the honor of meeting my all time hero ...the greatest Olympic lifter ever, Tommy Kono who was given a special honorary award at our meet ! Bruce Wilhelm was there too !
There were teams from at least 13 countries I counted, 600+ lifters...and it was routine to see 700-800 and 900 pound bench press attempts and successes ! and deadlifts that were sensational and hotel shaking !
Tom Eiseman is a legend he was there and a huge winner !!

More pictures and a bigger better report comin to work now, warming up my lips to 'gargle' another 3 commercials !


Blogger Tony said...

551 OUTSTANDING you are making 65 look great,giving us youngsters something to dream about. Can you congratulate Nancy for me. Sounds like you both had a great weekend look forward to the update on the web site.
thanks for the inspiration

9:03 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank You Tony !!! Coming from the champ ! that means a lot...hope you caught the video below, it looked better than it felt..the balancing act I did at the top 'felt' uglier than it looked..Nancy, no doubt will read your words and be very proud of your congrats! see you in the new year !

12:22 PM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

congrats,could you call me so i can have my friend if nothing else

1:05 PM  

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