Saturday, December 08, 2007

Where did I go ??

Went to my Heavy workout today ---and I wasn't there !

In my place, was WEAK ASS BOB !!!!

I don't like Weak Ass Bob !! --he can barely get 507 in the F6 shirt !!
Why, I could get 550 in that sucker...unfortunately for me--today, WEAK ASS BOB and I ...were one in the same...

In not training like I usually do, due to "Holiday" excuses and weather...and sloth..and taking my nice results at WABDL World's for granted, I slid down a rung of strength...and had a hard time with my 440 484 507 484 singles--I dared not go up from there...because nothing was in the tank...reverse bands with 440X5 and 484X2 were tough...but a GOOD warning not to stray from your true training protocol --or ya lose tons of strength...later I did lots of shirtless reps with 225 and 265, 285, 300, 315 and 330 --getting BACK the bar speed and what appeared to be my normal strength with the higher rep range--as if once the session was OVER I was FINALLY warmed up...It really did turn out to be a good workout and a wake up call, so I'm back to NOT goofing off...cuz I found a contest in March...and I want to get some nice lifts (WR's PR's) then...and if I wait til New Years to get my strength back I'll be hooped.

Next time--notes on a new lifter in our midst.

THOSE WABDL Results And pictures are below, scroll to see them if you're new here !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

sorry your workout tanked,but you will get it back.

9:50 PM  

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