Saturday, January 19, 2008

556 Bench !! Yes ! Yes ...but, so very NO !

You say what? from the title, you think I snuck off to an IPF meet...lifted 556 but the judges turned me down??
I lifted heavy in the Katana Shirt over at Nancy's gym, and blew away 556 on my last set ..but it didn't touch...Bruce noted that it was about an inch from touching before I blasted it back I red lighted myself...and called myself "Red light Rob"

Of course I was right to red light me, and will continue to, until I can 'get it down--uhh, AND back up '

In the rest of the shirt work out I used my 2nd Best Katana...and hit 496- 512- 529 -545 and the 556 heavy singles....the weights were scary at first ...529 felt the heaviest..and wobbled a lockouts all seem to go sideways lately (not uneven ) both arms lock and shift slightly to the left....note to self, no more Crisco on the bench.

The raw warm ups were 225 X8 308X3 340 340 and 350--

In Reverse Bands I did 496 X4 507X2 and 512X2 --they felt great !

Bruce and Nancy had good workouts doing reverse bands mostly--even with sore shoulders, Nancy completed a good bunch of RAW attempts and later did great on the reverse benching...

Bruce got up to 396 with the Blues helping him...

not bad for 54 years old and less than 181 lbs @ about 6 feet tall.
"Spock checks Santa's Belt after a successful bench "

Bruce is my hand off guy and he can make 550 pound bars seem like nuttin' when he is in charge of spotting.

(Spock aka Bruce)


Blogger Chris Robb said...

Red Light Robb??!! That's not fair, I wasn't even there!....oh, Red Light Rob(ert).....whew.

Nice media piece Robert congrats.


3:06 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Ha Ha Thanks Chris !
I got a REAL LOL out of that (as opposed to a symbolic 'LOL'..where people are just indicating that they are kidding) Thanks for the congrats...I couldn't be more pleased !

I woulda called myself red light robo...but NOW there is someone on forum boards using 'robo' as HIS nickname...geez I had it first.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Chris Robb said...

Although 'Robo' is being used, I guess you could still use the expanded 'Red Light Robo' couldn't you?

Making calls on your own lifts reminds me of old Terry Young from Newfoundland squatting at CPU Nationals many years ago. He made a decent-looking big squat, but on the way up said to the referees (in a strong newfie accent- and I quote)..."might'a bin a bit high on that one bys!".......well, he thought he shouldn't get the lift but the referees thought otherwise. Kind of backwards, and funny.

May see you Feb 10


12:34 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Feb 10 I may be there to help Dave Greene (still have to convince him) in his first bench meet !

I saw Terry Young lift in the 1995 IPF Masters in Copenhagen (I was lifting USA--USPF that year) he did a nice looking 2 reds..the audience moaned (as if disapproving) He nodded to the crowd to cool it, walked off confidently, came back, got the lift bowed to audience...confidence and class ! That's Terry !!

9:37 AM  
Blogger Chris Robb said...

Hi Robert,

I saw your recent post on Fortified Iron regarding the BCPA AGM (thanks for the kind words by way). I just wanted emphasize that what 'J' is saying about the AGM 'incident' should be taken very lightly as almost none of it is accurate.

Since you know most of the people he is talking about quite well, I'm sure you can tell his portrayal doesn't make much sense. Of course there is a long story to it all (which no one should be burdened with) but I thought I would put this disclaimer out there. There will be many fantasy versions thrown around, but don't be fooled by them. For the record, he was not permitted into the meeting for very good and valid reasons, and was dealt with in a very proper and decent manner by all involved.

The meeting went on to be a very good one, productive with good discussions.

Anyway, enough bad stuff for one month LOL!

Take it easy, and good luck with the training!

In sport,


12:54 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks for the update Chris ! Paul Wells attended, and was so shook up that he called Nancy Carpenter to come have a coffee at the EDGE to calm him down, and keep him interested in competing...he was thinking of calling it quits...she will be coaching Paul at the Feb 10 meet ! he is staying !

1:53 PM  

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