Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday's Heavy 545 reverse band (2 singles)

Yesterday, I did my heavy day, utilizing pin presses from chest height on a free standing shirt.
225 X12 315X3 365X2 385+ 395

NEXT Blue bands assisting (reverse band bench)
500X1+1 500X3 (2 sets) 515+545+545
and that was IS progression because the 545 is a one single PR in this gym and I got an extra single today (and an extra triple with 500)
My daughter Justine, sent me a Bench Press 550 club Tee from Jake Jone's "Get Big" store at "Cafe Press" she also sent me one that read "Powerlifters scaring other gym members since 1964" cool stuff that customs finally let me have after a month.

My Friend Gene Knight sent me this email with Good news about HIS lifting

"Good meet. Lots of lifters. I opened at 352.74 and they red lighted me for raising my hips. I have never done that before. I took 352.74 for the second attempt and had no problems. I did 363.74 for my third attempt. No problem. The 363.74 was a new unequipped masters 3 american record. I got a 4th so I took380.29. It went up easy. no problem . My daughter took some videos, I will try to get them on my computer and send to it on."

CONGRATULATIONS GENE !!! that is astounding lifting masters 3 and 275 (?) class!
way to GET the record man !!!


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