Saturday, February 02, 2008

Great attempt at 562

Today was Heavy Bench day at Nancy's gym...

I went in with 2 sore shoulders, a little tweak I did a month or so ago, has added another bum shoulder to my previously 'one and only' BAD shoulder medley--

"please lord, make my shoulder like the other one........OUCH...gee thanks Lord"

My raw warm ups of 225 X8--330X2 350X2 worried me, making me it 'sore shoulder time' OR imminent pec tear time ?

We put on my 2nd best Katana--
440 to feel the weight--
500 for one
518 for one....

then we jumped to 562 (255 KILOS)

first attempt--3 inches from touching and back up fast !
second attempt--play the movie--

Bruce shows me it was a half inch from touching--and up like a light weight !

ALLrrRRiii III GHT !!!!

I had an idea we should sell advertising space on the 'belly' you can see between my shirt and pants...but I think "Eeeeuuuh Cola" is out of business.

562 as close as I have ever gotten it ! good progress !
shoulder felt best when trying the heaviest weights..

--Then I did reverse bands nice heavy reps...4 sets up to 507 pounds--

Tomorrow, I do some more work and I'll help teach 'shirt' benching to my friend Dave !
2 heavy-ish daze in a row...
not bad for an old spud !


Blogger Tony said...

holy, but that looked easy Way to push the boundaries

8:18 AM  
Blogger Ruthita said...

Are you sure those weren't cartoon weights? The kind with helium in 'em???

1:42 PM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

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11:38 PM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:40 PM  

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