Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Urrgh !

I look my award deep in the eyes @ the Washington State's...and say "How You Doin?"

Lea Hendrix great web page is up with vids and pix of the March 15th meet
go here!
for the Best coverage of the USAPL Wa. State's

--Today's light (DE) workout was good enough, but I still had some shoulder discomfort and not much speed on the bar...well, not with the heavier reps that is, but it will all even out on Sunday when I do the heavier stuff...

Today with no bands (tsk tsk) barX30 135X 10
225X4 for 3 sets
275X4 for 3 sets
295X3 for 2 sets
345X1 slow
345X1 better
345X 1 FAST
355X1 medium fast with a side of hash browns
225 for 16 Fast
that was it---left with my tail between my legs.
better work on Sunday comin up !------


Blogger zaitsoff said...

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Blogger zaitsoff said...

sorry shoulder was bothering the photo

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