Sunday, March 16, 2008

Broke American Record by 50 pounds BUT !!

The lift I did was only 468, for the 65-69 class (superheavy class) beating previous record of 418.
BUT it also exceeded the IPF single lift Bench Press World record by 6 pounds

The lift exceeded Ralph Sofferdine's USAPL American record and will be official soon..
(the IPF World record by John Blackmon will not be affected due to lack of IPF judges and setting, to make mine official...but it was broken in the USAPL/ IPF neighborhood.)

That's MY good news...bad news is....I thought I'd try a 500 Plus lift as a 3rd attempt...and I forgot to wait for the start signal....can you believe such a rookie error !???
Jody Cranston lifted in the 181 class and won first in the deadlift with 556 pounds ---this was after getting up at 3:45 am and driving us to the meet on time...and handing off the bar for the bench press !

Nancy Carpenter seemed to help everyone loading plates and spotting in the warmup room she worked harder than me in this meet without even competing !!

lots more on this fine 90+ lifter meet later ! SUPER CONTEST !Jody Cranston pulls huge for First place 181 open
Roger Hendrix squats a new American Record OVER 700 pounds --he went WAAAAY deep..this is on the way up ! it was EASY for him !!!

oh yeah, --my shoulder/elbow/forearm held out OK !!


Blogger zaitsoff said...


10:14 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

good job, Did you get a little reved up for your third? oh well at least it wasn't for a world record.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Yes Tony !!! I was so excited to get into big territory in "tiny" town that I forgot everything I ever knew and reverted to cave man instincts..but it would've exceeded present world record by
45 pounds BUT only been a hugher AMERICAN record..

hey Zaitsof ! thanks for the congrats!!
appreciated !

8:36 AM  

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