Saturday, March 22, 2008

529 one week after the meet !

Last week we did the USAPL Washington State meet --and my goals were different, so I only got the small lift in...needless to say I wanted to work my way back toward a heavy Bench Press, so after my warm ups with 225 335 335 355 355--I put on the Katana and did 440 507 and 529--the 529 was hard at the top the shirt had slipped up to my neck and was not in the usual 'eh hem' "Cleavage"position--in a meet we'd adjust for more top of chest angle for the neck opening...I figured, 529 was good enough for today--and the 562-568's and beyond can come closer to my next meet!

We went to reverse band benches for reps and for singles, I did a top set of 507--but really put in quite a lot of good tonnage today--yes, No shirt --the green bands played the part of the shirt in this exercise.
Here's Nancy in her meet tee from the USAPL meet --getting set !
And the lift !!!
Then Bruce did some terrific sets to wind up our heavy day !

If you haven't seen the pix from the "Ides Of March Classic"--here is my regular website gateway !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

sounds like a great see how the rubber bands are used

12:12 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Bonnie !
on the light day--we attach bands from the bottom and lift AGAINST them, so one day the bands help us lift off the chest and on the other day, the bands make it harder to lock the weight at the's part of Louie Simmons 'conjugate' method !
assist vs resist kinda deal !

1:11 PM  

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