Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reverse band 605's

I felt like going in to do my heavy stuff today, so I went to Target Fitness and did my bench heavy day...The place has become so popular that I had to wait for my "cage" " It's no Nancy's gym!!"

--I warmed up on the bench...Right before I took it over, a fully grown human male person, was struggling with the 45 pound bar and 2 --10's--not only were these partial reps --he moaned like he was dying on the last 3....
geeez !
Right then and there I thought, I may complain to my friends about being a big fat lard ass....but, if being NORMAL means you have to be like this little turd ...I don't wanna be NORMAL !!-- I repped the bar 20 times
did 10 or so 135's
5 X 225
then to 305 for 5-
375 for singles...
The squat cage was now available, the people who were teaching a class in FRONT of it ..were done, and I was OK to go do my pin presses, and you thought not being able to use the rack because someone was curling in it was dumb !
I started with the bar at chest level, and lifted the bar up from the pins (dead start)
315 X6
385 -385-

then I took the pins UP one hole, so that the lockout was only 5-6 inches or so...I did
405 -455 -475 -475

then I put on the blue bands in the 'reverse' position and did 500X5 550X3 585X 2
and finished these short distance lockouts with 605X2 605X2 605-605-605..

workout was odd, but it felt great...I think it will help my next shirted workout a lot !!

( above picture is by me in the program ZBrush2 --with Nancy's gym photo as background-click on it, to see the LARGE version-click back, to return)


Blogger Tony said...

Hey rob looks like a great work out I see that 600 number popping up, awesome

2:53 AM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

getting stronger and stronger

5:24 PM  

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