Saturday, April 05, 2008

Touch N' Go 556 !!

The workout today was Great !~
I've lifted more and with better form on Heavy Day before but the work that we all got in today was great !

I babied my shoulders, wrist, elbow and forearm...and did 2 sets of 135's 10 or so each time...then 2 sets of 225 for 5 or so...4 reps of 285 then 2 singles with 335 and one with 350 !

Then we put on the Katana
(this one has 4 full meets, and 10 or so exercise sessions on it--It got me the 551 in Anaheim--Nov 2007 )

I did 485--507--512--then 556 for a touch n' go !!

Here, Chef Fatso, intros this "Soup-er lift !"

And, in inching my way back up the bench press ladder...I've also reached another life long goal...looking as if I have 12 inch arms...a 35 inch chest and an 80 inch waist !! --could it be the 'all potato chip and wine' diet I'm on??

Oh well, back to the rest of the workout...I did a raw set of 225 for 6 a 285 for 3--then used the blue reverse bands and did 440 X4 --507--529 and then failed with the bands and 551...BUT I came back next set and got it !!...the 551 was good and felt close to a max...but the one before, that didn't quite go ..was a better work rep...Bruce needed to give me about a 5 pound spot to help me grind it out slowly..this one, the failure, was more hard work and really felt like it was the best most honest effort of the day...

Bruce and Nancy hit very good numbers in their workouts...Nancy got a 150 pound raw single...and a 160 KILO reverse band lift...Bruce just repped away like a mad man..before going out to play a few hours of Basketball...


Blogger Tony said...

wow looks like a great training session when is your next meet looking at the video it looks like you are ready to go

7:49 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Well, if I was to call myself "Pearshaped"...'Pears' would sue me.
Thanks for the kind words Tony !
I'm not exactly sure of my next meet--it WAS going to be Aberdeen Wa. or Hopes of CPO..but I need to save funds (not rich like I pretend to be) for a trip to see my daughter in have been thinking of visiting her..then before leaving ..doing the WABDL Meet June 7 in Phoenix..but if I could I'd hit Aberdeen in May (drive from BC past Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia to the Washington coast..argh)
anyway, the old guys who lift 500+ are gaining on my numbers fast..I'd like to hit 562 at least in whatever meet I do..and a try at 600 just to see how far way that one is...

8:12 AM  

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