Sunday, April 13, 2008

No room on the bar !

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Today when I did heavy day at Target, there was no more room left on the bar when I did reverse band Bench to 610, for a pin press/lock out.

Even more appropriate to 'no room left on the bar'... is the headline that Ryan Kennelly just topped the all time World Record in the Bench Press with 1070 pounds (485 KILOS) here's a link to the video
note the warm up, raw with a 700+ 3 board !! and the 1000 pound opener !
There is definitely "no ceiling" to what can be benched anymore !

Now, on to what seems like a piddling little workout by me today, today was pin press day at 2 heights--first , chest level lifts from the pins up...135 til warmed up --225 for 12...then 315 X 4
365 - 385- 385 -395
Then I raised the pins to 5 holes for 7 inch lockouts
405X4 X2
415 - 455
now add Blue bands
500X4 565 585 605 and 610
(bar had NO more room)
took it back down to 4 hole pins (chest height)
405 X1
500X 1

end of heavy day--felt like good tricep poundin' (but there WAS some shoulder pain too--came home to ice) and Iced coffee....

The CPU Nationals just concluded in Ontario, CONGRATULATIONS to all the BC lifters.
Our friend who trains at Nancy's gym...Jane Smith, lifted injured, but got a 1st and 2nd in the 3 lift AND bench only, and qualified for the IPF Masters in Palm Springs this year !
I also think my Pal from Alberta, Colin Bonneau did a WR in the 3 lift bench category with 501 in his first year as a Master 3 !
and repeated the 501 a day later in the Bench Only (yep-you have to LIFT twice)

And Kudos to bench champ, Shawn O'Halloran who did a World masters IPF Record in the bench with 639 !!
I'm Hoping Shawn hits the CPO Nationals as well, they happen
May 10 and 11th in Toronto ! he's is good to 'UP' his current World record in the AWPC at that meet ! if he makes it to the party this year !!

BTW--I finally fixed the links on the sidebar here so you can go right to Tony Tomra's
training blog...that guy does a myriad of exercises in his strength training ! and the blog is always fun too ! check it out, if you aren't already a fan !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob thanks for the link to my blog. I just watched the video you posted, 1070 is unreal. I see your training is going more room on the bar,ah life's little problems beautiful.

11:51 AM  

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