Saturday, May 17, 2008

3 Weeks out, Heavy rehearsal !!

Today, I used my loosest Katana shirt (single ply, as always) and had Bruce and Nancy help me get an opener 'touched and ready' so we tried 500--no touch--explosive lift to the top...
Then 507 touched, paused forever--very explosive lockout, good lift...the reason it touched was not the 7 pounds, but the fact that the shirt was now in the right position to let me get a weight down...

We then put me in my year old (or more, 2 tone shirt) not torqued, Altho Titan Torques the Katana by design --

I tried to ascertain a 2nd attempt...518--no touch (half inch from chest) and BANG back, with the shirt a little more free--we did what I thought was 523--it was REALLY 529 !
it touched, and went back up quite a success with 529--

then we slid the shirt half way off, and torqued the sleeves our way--and tried 562--it nearly touched and went up VERY well...but nearly, doesn't count in a meet.

So for the 2nd try at 562 we trusted the shirt to stay true to it's format....(first attempts are hog tying the arms--and one try...then loosens them to a manageable state)
So, this time it touched --
paused and flew up--but hit the rack
and Bruce guided it in to the a meet that woulda been a no lift ..but I like the ability to touch it--and to nearly get that attempt--I like it..

That IS some progress--

and a factor, I'd been on ATKINS for 4 days, made weight, and so this was not like 2 weeks ago, when I tried the same weight--I was heavier then... it was hot today and the sweat was binding my shirt to me...then letting it go, or slide, under the heavy weights....

What??? excuses already??

No--these are factors I have to keep top of mind as prep and strategy for the WABDL Push Pull Nationals in Phoenix---I will have lost 2 more pounds by then (safety in case my scales are off) and tried to replenish the electrolytes and will be HOTTER than it was today--so the shirts will this tells me to expect 556 instead of 562 as my new World record..or even the silly 551 plus the "chips" (record breaking plates)

Or if I went nuts and lost 12 pounds--I could always use the New Katana I bought from Priscilla Ribic last October that isn't even out of the wrapper yet...anyway--I feel good and confident...and I think I will give at least one eyeball busting lift a go ! but the courage to really try 600 is months off !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

sounds intense,no worrys through phoenix will be easy

6:57 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank you ! and it is neat to see your blog just starting out

tell everyone some of your stories--like you have told them to me--peeps will dig it..

7:46 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

looks good Rob Sounds like you have your game plan. 562 went great just need to make sure it doesn't travel so far back ( easy for me to say as I missed it at my meet lol) any way you'll do great as usual.

8:25 PM  

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