Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to the Bands !

Today I did bench press with the heavy bands resisting from the bottom of the bench legs...the heavy blues, were a shock to un rack 225 with after all this time (I've been babying my shoulders, wrists and elbows) as is my usual method --I warmed up with the 45 pound bar for some explosive reps, 30 or so...
Then the 135 set of 12 or so--just so I feel right.

The main weight was 225 with the blues added to the top...first set felt like 360 or so, naw, just me not expecting the resistance to be so strong right off the bat--I do sets of 4 reps 9 sets today fast as could be !!
on set 5 the weight started to feel very light
Everyone in the gym was wondering why I was pushing against the BIG rubber bands..my favorite comment has always been to say, "The bands hold the bar down --otherwise I'd be throwing the weights through the roof"

with NO bands on
I did 295X4
345 355 365

This is a good set up for Heavy work in the shirt Saturday !

Look forward to---Jody Cranston doing a new blog--no title or URL yet--when he has it set--I'll put it here for you Me and Jody in Tacoma at the WABDL Great Northerns 2004

If you are a fan of the Magazine previously called GEEZERJOCK which is now Called Master's Athlete--you'll be happy to know they're doing a Strength only, Magazine for lifters 40+ it will cover Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman and Highland Games...I cant wait ! http://www.masters-strength.com/
Go here ! sign up, read about the beginnings of this new online and HARD Copy magazine !!


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