Saturday, April 26, 2008

12 Heavy sets !

pic by me, in Zbrush
The Gym isn't an Empty cave anymore !

I Went up to the Target Fitness on Broadway for a heavy Bench press day and by 9:30 am the place was packed !

Got the squat rack, and made it into my "pin press station"
positioned safety bars at chest height --loaded warm up weights and when I got to
315 I repped 5 from the 'dead stop' position...then did 3 with 335+ 1 with 365, then
385 385 395 395 and 400+400...
then I used the lighter PURPLE bands on the ends of the bar for 'reverse band ' work..did 385 for 5 reps then 435 +435+ 455 +455
that was it..
I'll do 'speed stuff' Tuesday...
I did workout Wednesday this week but it was nuttin to write home about so I didn't make an entry to the blog..

I might have mentioned that my next tentative meet would be the WABDL Push Pull Nationals in Phoenix ...well, it's official I'm all signed up and will tie the June 7th contest into a visit with my Daughter and Grand Daughter ...then 21 days later I'll do the Alki Beach meet in Seattle, this will be the 12th year...and since I perceive "12" as my lucky may also be my last shot at THAT particular meet..yeah yeah ..I say that, but me...I seem to never quit !!

And of course the 'cheering section' wont let me go, till I do that 600 bench for em !

Next week on Saturday--Heavy shirt stuff at Nancy's Private gym !

I stopped in to Mayfair Magazines on Broadway in Vancouver--and they are stocking about 8 Powerlifting USA's a month now...I always buy 2 ...but powerlifting fans in Vancouver need to run in and buy those, so the store will keep them on their stands !
Let's support OUR sport's Magazine !!!


Blogger Tony said...

385 to 400 pin press at chest level that is great starting strength I don't think I would be any where near that. So the count down is on (june 7) 6 weeks and counting. and not to worry I think you will get 600 before the Alki meet next year, maybe the Alki meet this year.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !!
The actual method of my pin press--is the bar is 2 inches above my chest, so I can wiggle to get under it...THEN I arch up to the bar as I would in a meet and push from there--so it is a touch, but I have positioned myself UP to get it on the chest..I think the exercise does help me start the bar..but it isn't easy on the shoulders for 600--I havent tried it in the gym yet--but I am thinking of putting safety's at 3 board height and giving it a partial go, to see if I can lock the top..most people would be doing the board press route--but we need more spotters on heavy day at Nancy's--pins above chest height, and graduating down will have to do it..

Hey,good luck ON YOUR meet--CPO's are so soon..good luck on shattering all the AWPC Masters marks !!!

2:21 PM  

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