Saturday, May 03, 2008

2 Tries with a big 562 !!!!

Today's shirt workout--2 close tries with 562 --
the first, 3.5 inches from touching... and UP !

Then, thrill to my blood curdling screams to not let the bar fall on my face !
Bruce juggles, I flounder and push--
this one is 1.5 inches from touching... and UP !

This was the high point of the heavy workout...I started with a slow warm up,
135X12 225X6 265X3 308X2 330 350
Then I put on my Katana
507 no touch and up--529 very close to touching and up...
then the 2 singles at 562 --the 2nd attempt as you can nearly see in the video (dark)
was very close to touching and went back up well happy as I am to be hitting those kind of weights, even with 2 bum shoulders..sore wrists,elbows and forearms --the truth would be...take all those 'un-touchables' and if it were meet day I would've between now and June 7th I have to lose 4 pounds of bodyweight, touch an 'opener' and succeed with a 'max' that would pass --and hopefully make it beat my 551 WABDL WR !

The rest of the workout was stellar, when we got to reverse bands Nancy got 160 KGS
and Bruce did 200 KGS (they prefer their numbers in kilos) and Bruce repped 100 KGS (with the blue bands/reverse) FIFTY REPS as his warm down...meanwhile he is losing weight (sleep issues) but remaining strong enough to save my life with his lift offs for my bench !

If you are a 40+ lifter, why don't you join Masters Strength and put up a page like this...ha ha--Kind of a "My Space" for muscles !!
Here's mine
Nancy will add one soon too...looks like the NEW Magazine will be good too--covering Arm Wrestling, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Highland Games, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Powerlifting, Strongman Competition, Weightlifting, Wrestling (Olympic) and more!

PLUS you can add your videos there !


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob, you are looking strong. I feel as if I've had a morning workout as I strained along with you as you tried to touch. You have to drop 4 lbs I had to laugh because us power lifters are an odd bunch yesterday I was thinking that I wished I would have gained the last 3 lbs to make my goal of 235 my gear would have been just a little bit tighter lol. anyway you're looking good .

7:22 AM  
Blogger Hopalong EAC said...

New discovery from seeing the link at Arserosity. Gret llok to the page and lay-out too.

Got to get through those animations toos!

8:37 PM  

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