Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clint Harwood got 800 !!!

Many of you know that this is the weekend of the CPO Nationals in Ontario.
I got a note that young Clint Harwood is the first Canadian to Bench Press 800 Pounds !!!
(806 actually) Clint meets Bench Bozo at the 2006 CPO's
Of course he benched a couple of nearly as heavy attempts as a prelude to this Canadian First ! CONGRATULATIONS CLINT !!
You da' Man !!!

Hopefully we'll hear soon that Tony Tomra also tore the place up with his lifts this weekend !!

I did Heavy pin presses today, usual deal, chest height in the rack from a dead stop..
empty bar X30 135 X12 225 X 8 315 X5
365 +365 +385 +385+ 395+ 395

Then reverse band Bench presses with the Blue bands
500X1 500X3 545+ 545 +545 and that was it....

Next weeks heavy workout is another shirted day where I'll try to iron out a legal heavy lift 556 -562 or I'll drop some bodyweight --to get used to my contest weight a smidge early !

Phoenix is June 7th --not much time to get it together !

I didn't skip my speed work with bands on Tuesday--just didn't do anything worth writing about...

BTW Here is my Pal Nancy's Masters Strength Page

cool way to have your own web page for free !


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