Thursday, May 15, 2008

Congratulations to Tony !

As you know, Tony Tomra from BC, went to the CPO Nationals last weekend, in his Blog...
'Fat + Happy = Strong' (linked here as Tony's Power Blog)
Tony mentions how, altho almost totaling 800 KGS (797.5) and Breaking the bench press record of the legendary Gene Bell with a GREAT 545 POUNDS--he had a disappointing meet ! WOW I'd call that a winner, Tony was still a bit dehydrated from his weight loss--what 233 to 220 in a week or so??? and this lost him some power...But still what a Champion !

Hats Off (if i wore one ) to you !
(Tony is 45 and weighed in @ 100 KGS )

Bruce McIntyre who is 50 --Benched 606 lbs ! Matt Court squatted over 1000 pounds--
here are the results--click on the day and event you want to see the result sheet !

This was a neat contest --I wanted to make it to that one...but I'm doing WABDL Nationals In Phoenix in 3 weeks so I could visit family--and there wasn't enough money to do BOTH meets....

speaking of the meet, yesterday I did the speed/bands day for the bench and got some good speed on the bar by the 4th set.. 8 sets of 4 with 225 PLUS The Heavy BLUE bands resisting from beneath the bench--then I did long pause singles with 275 and 325 plus one with 375...

NEXT--shirt work Heavy on Saturday !


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