Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fast Lifts at Rubberband High !

You may ask --how can anyone have to diet to get to the 308 class?--That is a lot of weight to be in the first place...let alone be 'over'--well, I'm at 306.9 today...so, I'm 'in the meet' (12 days from now)
...and of course, I don't want to lose much more...or my bench shirt wont fit right and I'll have spent tons of money on an embarrassing result...like my opener...or a bomb !? (NO)
So, Atkins MAINTENANCE format it is....Deviled eggs with TurkeyBacon on the side? mmmm BUL-GING Arteries !!!

....so far I've lost 5 to 8 pounds and I'll try to maintain it at that, and no more.

I benched using the bands (BLUE HEAVY) at Target today...just to experiment...I put the bands on the empty bar--and it was light but the bands liked to bring the bar down to my chest with a whack...135 felt like 225
and 225 felt like 300+ the first set--and yes, the first set was slow, the OPPOSITE of the way it should be--by set 4--I was super fast on the bar and bands...then 8 set @ 4 reps ea. I was done...of course I did some singles without the bands 295- 345 -355 365- 375 --it was to practice arching ...I got my stroke so short the weights were like feathers...

HEY !! My pal Jody Cranston has new page here at Blogspot--it is the best thing on local lifting I've seen...wow ..I say wow...
there is a lot of GREAT stuff here....and his monthly power workouts at Pantheon look amazing...go there...

In very sad news...the powerlifting community in Alberta and thruout Canada and the World has heard unwelcome news...that Bruce Greig has died--here's the announcement from friend Gary Bobrovitz...

Date: Monday, May 26, 2008, @ 2:14 p.m.

Bruce Greig the godfather of Canadian powerlifting has passed away at age 56 following a car accident south of Calgary, Alberta over the weekend. BIG BRU was a reknowned deadlifter who set world records that still stand in the WPC in the shw class 40-45 yr of 840 lbs and 46-50 yr of 860 lbs. He also set the all time biggest deadlift in WABDL history of 838 lbs back in 1997. Bruce hosted the 1999 and 2003 WPC World Championships in Calgary. Before he got into powerlifting Bruce played in the NHL with Philadelphia Flyers, Oakland Seals and the Edmonton Oilers. He didn't have soft hands. He had fists of steel and was a feared enforcer. For Western Canadian powerlifters Bruce was a coach, trainer and mentor at his gym in Okotoks, Alberta. Sunday morning squat day was legendary. He produced many world champions and world record holders. A service will be held in Okotoks on Thursday May 29. You will be greatly missed. May you finally be at peace BIG BRU.


Blogger Tony said...

Sad about Bruce the few times I met him he was always very helpful. My first meet with him was the 2002 north Americans which forever change how I felt about powerlifting, it was such a positive experience. we'll miss him
I see the bw weight part is done and training still looks good. Looks like you are going to do great.

12:55 PM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

i sorry to hear about your friends passing.godspeed to his family and friends

6:57 PM  

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