Sunday, May 25, 2008

2 unsung workouts on the way to Phoenix

Bulko ! Will POSE for groceries
Wednesday I did dynamic day bench presses, didn't use the bands but will, two more times before the meet--the weights were light 225 to warm up --then 275- four reps- 8 the end I did 3 with 325 one with 345 and 355 called it a day...workout was no longer than 25 minutes...

Yesterday, I did pin presses or lockouts 9 or 10 inch range with 375 395 405 415 425 and 435 from a motionless at pins, start.

This is nearly a 'rest week' before the meet...Named the WABDL National Push Pull contest, at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix June 7th...I wont have my team of shirt and lift off experts (Bruce, Nancy, Jody) there, but my pal Gene Knight, a masters champion in many federations himself, says I might be able to get some help from his son Zac and his team (my son's name is Zach as well)
So, the only remaining contest jitters that remain--are the ones dealing with airport chaos...not chaos...annoyance, confusion and scheduling--oh yeah--last time to Anaheim for the worlds...I was delayed both going to..and coming back from the meet due to some other "Bob Smith's" bad behavior...'Hey knock it off !! you other Bob Smiths'
You're making it difficult for me to 'get there from here'

Next 2 workouts Tues or Weds speed lifts against the blue bands--Saturday another dress rehearsal of at least my opener weight in the shirt.. 500+ then a go at 556 or 562 to see if I'm close to contest ready !

Also need to start thinking of Alki (Seattle) on the 28th of June--this is supposedly going to feature Myself, Nancy, Jody and possibly Jane's BC vs Washington...or, as they pronounce it down there.... "Worshingtun"

animated "Bulko" drawn by me in ZBrush 2003(?)


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no need to be nervous,like i said your the best

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