Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Heavy day before Phoenix !

My heavy day was a practice to see what touched and flew, in the shirts I'm taking to the WABDL meet next Saturday...after those usual raw warm ups of
225 X6
308 330 330 and 350...I put on my oldest and loosest fitting Katana and got a legal 485 (opener) then tested it to see if 500 would go--and it was good and easy !

So next, my imaginary 2nd attempt--we put on my 2nd newest shirt and tried 523--it barely touched BUT when it did it flew back up very well....then I adjusted the sleeves and went for 556 and got this lift !!

Now, before I get too cocky and say this is a done deal !
Bruce pointed out that my touch was iffy...kinda just 'grazed' the shirt !
(no 'polyesters' were injured )

Since there will be NO excuses next week--I tried it again--touched deep--paused and it only came up to the sticking point and this time it was out front too much (opposite of attempt 2 weeks ago) and it was an unsuccessful lift--
can I arch higher next week and get the GOOD one, as above, or will I fizzle in my attempt to break the World Record in 61-67 too fat to be alive class (308's) ???

Time will tell--to cap it off, we did reverse bands and lifted some heavy stuff and put in many heavy sets n' light workout Tuesday, then on the plane Friday for the meet Saturday the 7th !!

Hopefully I wont need to buy a ticket for EACH buttock on the plane !


Blogger Tony said...

You'll do fine a little adrenalin and you'll blow those weight away.Well if you don't post again before you leave have fun and we'll all wait for the good news.

5:01 PM  

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