Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's Heavy workout, and more Arizona Pics !

When in Arizona, I ran into my brother...he hadn't seen me since the 'Bisontennial'

Today was the first time in the gym since my 556 lift in Phoenix--I did some good warm ups --225X10 308X3 330 330 350--

then the shirt...
did an easy 500 then 518 --
this was to test what opener I should use in a few weeks at the ALKI meet...

These lifts were pretty easy --BUT not rockets...

I figure I'm still recovering from the sleep deprivation on my trip to Phoenix...the rest of today's workout was reverse band benches with varied reps and weights--in total, I had a workout that went into 'recovery' more than Sunday we work at night one more heavy workout before the 12th annual Bull Stewart WABDL meet on the beach in Seattle.

My travel to Phoenix was primarily planned to get a chance to visit my daughter, Grand daughter, Son in law, and other family, in the mountains 4 hours from Phoenix--
Here's my Daughter, Justine, and my Grand Daughter, Ashly, in front of a classic Studebaker Avanti from the 60's --there was a big celebration in I'm lucky enough to see my two Favorite people in the world and my favorite (or ONE of them) CAR of all time !

Another show car !...and it's people..

I was interviewed on the radio...on Barbara Bruce's show on KVWM--the interview went very well...with me being funny, and only very slightly, making an ass of myself.

More car show --but this was right outside the hotel in Phoenix
This is art work that my daughter created that is showing in the Two Raven's Gallery in her town !--I'm very proud of her work !!

All in all, it was a great trip with my daughter, and family seeing me hit my 556 lift in the National Push Pull Championships... and then great timing, as I hit the big yearly town celebration, in her home community in the White Mountains.

more meet stuff below...and on the web link to my main website power page !


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wow!!!pretty cool stuff,and your granddaughter is adorable.

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