Monday, June 23, 2008

Last pre Seattle, Heavy Workout !

Sunday I went to Nancy's place for a heavy workout--the final one before Saturday the 28th on Alki beach in Seattle--the workout was for both Nancy and I as we needed to tune up our form and get an idea of our openers...

I warmed up with the usual boring dance card --but I concentrated on setting up --pausing more and trying to put some speed on the bar..
225 X 12

then I put on my loosest Katana--and benched a nice and easy 507 which might make a good opener...then rather than struggle to put on the 'serious' shirt--we strung up reverse bands AND I stayed in the loose shirt--then I did easy
and 573 singles...

Yes, I know with both a shirt and reverse bands I'm getting a TON of assistance--but again it was to feel the heavier weights with confidence and give my hand off stalwart, Bruce Everett, a break from having to shrug all that poundage at 6 pm on a Sunday...
I finished out with reverse bands alone for heavy weights and higher reps...

Nancy warmed up raw, to what her Shirted lift used to be --and then she put on her shirt and worked her way to a PR 205 pounds (her WABDL CDN record is 198) so she is set for ALKI--except for an injured hand (happened at work) she will tough it out for the meet...and I'm sure, have a great lifting day !

Thanks to Bruce for coming to help on a day where he had already worked out...and didn't get the 'bonus' of using the great calibrated IVANKO'S in Nancy's gym...

Jody Cranston is going to deadlift huge !!! JODY'S SITE
Jane Smith, an IPF Masters champ is Benching.
Nancy Carpenter is benching.
and I might go for 562 as a WABDL world record IF the day is right !!

You'd think I'd 'pour it on' in Seattle, as that was a 2nd hometown for me--I did bad things to RADIO in that town for 17 yearsMy daughter and son were born in Seattle --and some of my favorite radio, TV and stand up gigs were in that town...
Funny--MOST of my lifting friends down there had never heard my radio days--one time I wondered why?---explanation mostly given...they were not IN Seattle in those early years (they migrated) and EEK--2nd most embarrassing reason ... "They weren't BORN yet !!

who's an OLD DOG??

Who is??

good robo--fetch--roll over--


Blogger Tony said...

Looks like you guys are all ready to go. By the sounds of it you are going to need a truck to haul all the trophies back. Cool posters it is all ways amazing to me when I see how much people have changed over the years. It must be hard for actors when they look at old films. Any way good luck and have fun.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Adjil said...

Check you out! It was great meeting you (and everyone else) at the meet yesterday. What a great bunch of people!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Adjil--thanks for the link (on your blog) to bench bozo--good luck in your lifting--it's a great sport...and the meeting of good people has just begun..lifters are the best !

12:23 PM  

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