Saturday, June 21, 2008

I wasn't you see me now !

'Self Porktrait' by me
One of the greatest lines in movies, and it has been used in when an older person, or a 'Bemonstered creature' will turn to another character, and say...
"I wasn't you see me now !"
Well, I now get to say that too..when comparing my recent contest photos and videos to my youth I guess I'm in the same boat--no, hell, I'm the CAPTAIN of that boat.

As indicated by me at 16 ---Gee what is this? me with an Elvis, Bodybuilder complex??--yeah--i guess --but I really was only a lifter...I had a 310 continental Clean and Jerk at the time of this photo...this was an 'after' photo...I had been 240 pounds 3 months earlier--I think I was 185 lbs here...

Then at 44 --I tried to come back to lifting as a powerlifter...believe it or not ...I was PROUD of a 400 squat 280 bench press and 500 deadlift at 220...hah...
can you say weasel??
Now I understand why someone once mistook me for Officer Columbo (Peter Falk) when I was visiting Los Angeles---anyway it's odd to be a geezer at 65 and not even recognize yourself in your "previous life"--question a 556 bench press worth being 306 pounds and the Lord of the Girdles???

for the time being --yes...
but the health risks do bug me.... "He Died of Cheese "

Thursday, I did speed benches up to 345 pounds--Sunday nite I workout at Nancy's Place and will hit maybe 5 or 6 500+ singles in preparation for Alki on the 28th


Blogger Tony said...

Every man dies not every man truly lives. My personal favoured line from a movie. "question a 556 bench press worth being 306 pounds and the Lord of the Girdles???" I've been asking myself the same type of questions. My step dad is dieing of weight related problems, but he truly lived (he is 63)last 10 years has been hard for him. My uncle (73) was a body builder in the 50s has maintained single didgit body fat all these years. from what I've seen he never lived at all he just got old. There must be some middle ground here some where. The one thing I know is that I must keep training I know to many people who are in their 60s and 70s that are in better than my friends in their 40s and that I have to compete because I can't train just to be healthy. One other thing I have noticed is as the world record's ages get older the weight classes get lighter. I don't know if my thoughts help at all or did I just throw more mud in the water. Sorry about rambling on your blog(I almost didn,t post this maybe I shouldn't have) I was also wondering if anyone is going to Pacific Open Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships in sept if things go well I'm going to try this meet.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Tony ! once again YOUR rambling is pure GOLD !--you wrote what I possibly should have in the first place--wonderful and insighful commentary ! --if you mean the "Tumwater WABDL " meet put on by Bull Stewart sept 13 --yes I have targeted it as my 2nd try at 600--aug 2 in Oly I'll possibly try it the first time...if i miss --that meet (i think its the same one you mean) in sept is earmarked for my 2nd attempt at the big scary barrier...and yes, i am going to slightly decrease my bodyweight--instead of 305-306 or more--I should be 295-- 298--in aug -sept--then we'll see how it goes to below that--health means all...and "living" as you point out, does too---but remember i was a radio DJ for YEARS--god --that is, or WAS, a LIFE of it's own (mini rock star status--without the talent of the records ya play)

keep training --and wow--keep commenting i really appreciate it--

(folks, if you havent visited Tony's blog it on the side bar here as a link )

12:43 PM  

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