Saturday, July 12, 2008

600 ! springs in my shirt, and Dynamite in my arm pits !

Today was the day I decided to mess with 600 !
Last time, we decided we'd use Blue bands AND a loose approach the BIG Mark in the gym...remember, we have one it is not easy for him to lift off the weight--then, if there is an accident, take weight off of today, we started with raw warm ups 225 X6 265 X4 285 X3 330- 330- 350 and 350 for singles

Then into my loose Katana for a 500 and 507 bench with good form and relative ease.
then we put the bands on and with slow form, I eased 570 down, and back up it went...
then success at 585
then good one with 595
then another success at 600 !!
(tough lock out, but legal)

So did I lift 600 today??, not without help..but I felt it at the top, and took some of the fear out of the big scary number ! by lifting it with 'training wheels' and concentrating on form.

IN TWO WEEKS...I will put on a brand new tight Katana and do partials from 2/3 of the way up (bar suspended on safety bars IN squat rack-dead start under them)
with that new shirt I'll lock them, and hold them for a long count-- ala Chuck Sipe's great idea from the 50's...

hopefully if everything goes as planned the 600 pounds in the fresh shirt will do something other than stay pinned to my chest, in the Olympia meet in August...then I get to try it again in September if it doesn't fly right, the first time out !
Jody Cranston sets up his dead lift in Seattle
Here's another ALKI pic (more as you scroll below)

Jody wrote his Great version of ALKI part 2
a Pantheon Strength update !!
and it is in his POWERSHAPE blog CLICK IT !

Read it --it's--Good Stuff !!


Blogger zaitsoff said...

congrats, could please call your friend bonnie ty

6:13 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

good going I'm glad to see that you are on track. By your comment it looks like breaking in a new shirt is a bit of a challange. I was going to try mine today but Gwen had to go to work so hopefully next week.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

I havent yet put on the shirt, ordered from Priscilla Ribic a year ago--it was rushed to me--and I was still getting so much power from my 2 year old KATANA --that I stuck with it--

IT is still a '568' or so shirt.

But the same size shirt..completely fresh, could help me hit the 600--so to ALMOST break it in..I'll put it on one time..July 26th..
at that time I'll try to touch 573...then --no matter how that turns out..I'll do partials from the safety bars with 600--then the shirt is in the bag for the meet..I'll open in my loosest a 2nd attempt in my 2 year old shirt...and cast my fate to the wind with my 3rd and 4th attempts and the NEW shirt...there, I will have spotters enough to help me with any miscalculation...reason I'd use a brand NEW shirt in a meet??
more POP when it is exactly new...
also tho ..
more danger...

Tony--good luck with your shirt..your lifting blog is great !

9:14 AM  

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