Saturday, July 26, 2008

A week out from Olympia !

I was looking forward to doing some sort of near complete attempt with 600--in my workout, in this the last heavy session before the WABDL Great Northern Bench Press and Deadlift meet in Olympia Washington...but as it is with NEW shirts--the chest plate gave me a surprise and wouldn't let me get my hands out any father than a close grip--so we had to do shirt loosening reps--with the bar across the safeties --my workout was a raw warm up to 2 singles with 330--then the shirting with high pins and 4 reps or so with 500
then we took the pins down a bit and went up to 530 or so and I did partial lockouts with no more than an 8 inch stroke for 6 or so reps--NOW the shirt was getting we went for a lift off with 600 and we got a set of 4 with about 6- to 8 inch movement...
So, we have loosened the shirt and gotten some top end work in...then I saw how far the regular bench set up would go if we tried one light one..a went nearly all the way down --AND I could get my grip wide altho the dream workout didn't happen --the shirt has been romanced..and should my other lifts, opener and 2nd get passed--I'll do a try with 565 for a slightly bigger WR--then slip into the New Titmangler special from Titan and give the 600 a try--BUT--if things slide into a slop bucket of mediocrity...I'll shoot for the Win and the record as my main thrust..

Nancy had shirt PR's today she hit a 210 pound bench ! at 146 pounds...and Bruce was priceless in his help to us both...

KUDOS to WABDL for getting the World and Canadian records up from Alki so soon--My 562 bench--Nancy's 193 and Jody's 370 are already on the records page--wow--nice work Elma and Gary !! we appreciate it !!
This is Gene Knight, Bench Bozo and Zac Knight June 7th in Phoenix
Thanks Gene for sending the photo--and thanks Zac for the lift offs !

See you in Olympia--it'll be a great meet !!

(WABDL link is at side for info)


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Blogger Tony said...

Well you had the opposite results that I had today. Good luck a your meet

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