Sunday, September 14, 2008

600 Pound Bench Press Attempts @ 65

In Tumwater Washington, at theWABDL Pacific Open ...I have NEVER been so excited and happy about a failed lift...I actually lifted 600 pounds in the bench on my first try ..but it clearly dipped, then continued.
The judges HAD to turn it down...
then I tried it again ..this was a cleaner attempt..
but it stalled at the top, and the spotters grabbed it before it fell 'faceward' !!

Other news from my team ...Jody Cranston at 181 and submaster benched 375 and Deadlifted 568 !!! Read Jody's NEW BLOG for a creative, Personal view of this meet !

Nancy Carpenter lifted at 147 pounds and blew away a 198 Pound Bench press and 2 near misses with 209the Pacific open was a small meet, but there were 6 World records made there ! and some AMAZING performances !! here she is with Bull Stewart !
Another Great lift from Leamon Woodley !
Here is one of the top teen competitors from Saturday !
The facility in Tumwater Washington



Blogger Tony said...

Sooo close. well if nothing else the first step is done although I'm sure you would have preferred to be finished with this goal. I am truly amazed and inspired at the progress you have made in the last 5 years.great going Rob

7:48 AM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony ! coming from you that is a high compliment indeed !
I'm looking forward to Las Vegas now and when achieved..the lift will be 600 at 66 year of age--much better ring to it than that YOUNG 65---

Hope you plan on joining us as team Canada now only has 5 confirmed lifters--you would blow minds with your numbers ! hope you can heal up and make it to the Riviera !!!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ruthita said...

WOOT!!! I told my bootcamp to be thinking STRONG thoughts for you that day, robo. A wonderful lift, despite the dip. Congratulations!!!!
*twirls excitedly*

10:08 AM  

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