Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Terrific Heavy Day 2 weeks from Tumwater

Today, I warmed up with no bench shirt with the usual suspects,

225X5 260X3 285X2 308+330+350

then into my loosest Katana Shirt, and as in weeks before I did one very clean perfect, paused opener style rep with 485 pounds.

Then we used the blue bands in reverse mode and lifted---

550+573+600+600+600+600 --3 of the 600 singles were perfect---One, the first one actually, didn't lock out but was 1/3 inch from completion...

Next week we will go in again (to Nancy's gym) and use the NEW Katana and NO blue bands--I may go to around 575 to see if I can 'chip' my World Record on September 13th--and maybe even do a 600 if we feel brave OR if it feels advisable one week from the meet ! (many would peak up to the 600 AT the contest--more spotters etc ) anyway we'll play it by ear !

Nancy ordered a Phenom shirt from Brent Mikesell's Iron arrived and has the most amazing re-enforced NECK band I've eve seen --this is a single ply shirt with at 5 ply collar(?)...I guess I'll stop pooh poohing that product, as it suits Nancy very well--she did 100 kilos (220 pounds ) in training style, a super PR for to get it MEET style, and she'll be leaving her other 148'ers in the dust !

Bruce had a good workout too but has a tweaked shoulder so he took it easy, but really repped out like mad--then after lunch he hit the road to play basketball...this guy is a perpetual motion man !


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