Sunday, August 17, 2008

Maximus Fortius !

At the Olympia meet, my buddy Nancy, got me a tee shirt from Iron Gladiators with the words
MAXIMUS FORTIUS or Maximal Strength--I'm hoping now I wont get--

"Hey Maximess FattyAss!"

from wiseacres as I walk down the street..

The shirt imprint must have so brought out the beast in me, that I went ballistic in Nancy's gym yesterday--over a mis heard outbursts are so over the top that people call 911--not Nancy and Bruce --they scratched their heads and said how could we get this kind of eruption out of you in a meet?...It's just the energy we need for you to hit that 600 you want !

So the workout went well--lots of raw warm ups--
225 X 8 X 2
260 X 3X2
285X 3X2
330X 1 for 4 sets
350 X1+1
440 with bands

Then the loosest shirt I have and a 485 (to replicate a meet opener)

the WITH the blue reverse bands--the loose shirt remains...and singles of
551 +573+573+573 and one with 600

(My theory on this assistance mode is--a LOOSE Shirt PLUS Blue Bands EQUALS a tight NEW shirt in a meet---the 573 at Olympia, nearly backs up that idea)

--it felt like I hadn't lost any strength over the 2 weeks since the meet...
many people got 'colds', (flu like magnitude ) after that meet --I still don't think I'm back to 'well" but so damn close, I fake my day to day life...

Sept. 13 is the next meet in Tumwater--I am overjoyed to see, that my friend Tony Tomra will be lifting in this one ! expect HUGE lifts from this guy !!

tomorrow I have commercial jobs to do--hope my voice is up to it...hah ! after my outburst in the gym...I know that I can at least replicate a Sasquatch or King Kong if that's in the script(s)


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