Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doubling the Purples

My last 3 work outs have been based on getting new tension by doubling the Purple bands--on speed day--I set them like this
One end is around the collar --and then that follows over to the end--that gives your stabilizer muscles a real work out and the bar feels HEAVY at the very top as in a 225 pound bar feeling like 300 to 335...I tried this for 2 light days rather than using the Blue bands at their full length...the resistance is quite powerful--just a change of pace !

Pretty much the same 4 reps 8 to 12 sets with as much bar speed as possible !

On heavy pin press day I used the purples doubled from a lower stand in 'reverse mode' and got 3 singles with 505 --nice hard smooth even reps --the workout felt effective and puts me on target for a heavy shirt workout at Nancy's gym on Saturday...edging closer and closer to 600--hopefully all systems will be 'go' for the WABDL Pacific Coast championships September 13th in Tumwater Washington

Do you like the Great writing from early Power magazines and booklets ??
check out this great (and HUGE) Repository of Brute Strength-click here
my Buddy Dave Greene pointed it out to me !
all the greats are there--favorite it now !!


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