Saturday, September 06, 2008

600 to the pins n' back

It is one week from the meet...
today we took the training wheels off the bar.
(the blue bands-in reverse mode--gone !)
I needed to feel 600 in all it's 'gory' today--the idea, warm up raw as usual, get into my newest shirt, a 50 Katana from Titan..

(it was used ONCE to get me 573 in Olympia August 2nd)

--and hit a few 600 hold outs, and bring them down part way, and see if they would come back up...the Problem?

We don't want to kill Bruce Everett (or myself ) in the process, we really should get 3 spotters for this...but we didn't.

So we put the safety bars in at 7 holes which I then 'belly up to the bar' and bring the weight down to and pop back up--
good idea YOU !
reading this, you're saying why not board press?...

well, this IS our board press, or 'our partial' or our visit to the pins...

but it does two things--saves me IF I get stuck--frees up Nancy to shoot the video...and measures about how much more I need to go--to get a touch of the chest in the meet...

So, into the shirt--wow, it is tighter than I remember...but it goes on in 3.5 mins...

BUT my arms again cant grip wide...
the first rep with 500..Bruce has to do ALL the lift off....
then on 550, I get under it better and can give him a few pounds of push--that goes down all the way AND back up easily and the shirt is breaking in well...

then it's 578--which we video...LOOKS good...cept' for my gut arching up like Alfred Hitchcock meets a VW Beetle...

Then we do 600 and marvel of marvels--it feels so heavy-but I seem to 'handle' it--- I liken it to the first time I felt 500 and just concentrate on pushing--and it is NO problem

Partial with 600--
John Lee Hooker Music in back ground

I did one more and it was smoother on the way down..but the lockout was 1/2 inch short---later I did some more raw benching for circulation...speed..and pause work..

all in all, it makes me less afraid of my first try at the Big 600 in the Tumwater meet next Saturday ! kinda like being in the wading pool before swimming !

Bruce did a great job of handing these HEAVY weights out for his training he did some great benches with the reverse bands...after all the shrugs he did helping me and Nancy with our heavy usual, Marathon man did Basketball after lunch !

Nancy did some work in her new Phenom and might open with her previous BEST bench, if the gods are with us, there could be WABDL records for all next Saturday ...of course Jody Cranston is driving us there, and he ALWAYS gets records in his wish us's 'where it is"
these things usually start at 9:30 am or so !


Blogger Tony said...

Well good luck to all of you. I wish I was there to see you do your first 600. As far as the board press it is easier than off the pins like you are doing, at least it is for me. With the pins if you don't bring it down evenly you get a straighting at the bottom throws my timing out, doesn't happen on boards. On boards you can sink the weight which is great if you are a throw and catch bencher not happening off pins. From my point of view this video is an impressive lift, well actually lifting 600 in a squat or dead lift let alone a bench is an impressive lift.

7:12 AM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

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