Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Gas !

Today's Heavy workout was a good one, BUT, I seemed to be suffering from too much heavy work lately...the warm ups had strength but the bar speed was lacking --on my 330's and 350's--

at last weeks meet ( a peak ) my 300+ raw warm ups were like empty bars--lotsa speed easily repped ! and my 512 record felt like chump change !
512 ?? -- " is he havin a laugh?''--

Today my first shirted effort at 500 was almost a max effort OUCH--Weak Old Man !!
--485 back off attempt was hard to fight to lock we re- torqued the shirt and tried 507...

it flew....

but still I felt like I was weak...I'd knocked off 6 pounds of bodyweight this week so as to be closer to the proper weight at weigh in for the Worlds--and all these weeks of 500+ near 600 attempts might have (well, YEAH) sent me toward adrenal exhaustion ....BUT we needed to get past the 'maybes' and the weak mindset and try some more HEAVY supports--so with the shirt and blue bands...I did a nice 560 then a 600 single, then another 600--then I did what would be a board press for 2 reps...with 600 it didn't feel scary !

Later I did RAW lifts with Nancy and Bruce thru a range of weights...then I did some 440's and a 485 from a dead stop with the bands...all in all the workout went well into the progress bag !

2 weeks from now we'll try the Newer Katana shirt and see if it feels the same way as the loose shirt PLUS Bands set up ...and hope it goes as well or better than the 600 in Tumwater.

NOTE on the side here, in links is a link to Jody Cranston's BLOG --click it for a terrific report on the Seattle meet and a Tribute to Lea Hendrix and Bull Stewart...Jody has a professional well thought out technique on his site !

read it's a good one !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

dont't worry you'll get it back.could u please respond to your e-mails

7:21 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Hey Rob, great meet report on your last post. I hate these workouts like you just posted, when everything feels heavy. Looks like it came together for you though. Anyway just want to say Hi

6:57 AM  

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