Sunday, October 19, 2008

512 USAPL American Record !

This Photo by Nancy Carpenter, shows my 512 pound American Record
(yes, I'm a DUAL citizen)
I was called for lifting my head on my 2nd attempt--so instead of trying my 534 goal --I took 512 over again and did it to stringent USAPL criteria...

actually the crowd lifted it for me !!

I somehow spawned a cheering section and the audience was "Robert O'ing"
in chorus as I approached the bar--this sent me to such a 'happy' land I just blew the bar a successful 65-69 year 125+ record !

USAPL/IPF Champions, Paula Houston, Richard Schuller and Roger Silva were the National judges for my lift, which also EXCEEDS the IPF World record in the masters 3-- 125+KG category.This is where we lifted...
It's the Columbia Cultural Center in Seattle BULL R Enterprises donated the proceeds of the meet to the foundation...there were auditorium theater seats, and an elevated stage to lift on.
Here, the lifters wait to Bench Press !Nancy lifted well --going 2 for 3--she got some very long pause calls for some reason --but still lifted the weights ! she hit a 200 pound lift @ 148 Bodyweight 50+ masters.

This is Eric Dodd who lifted in the RAW category, as did many lifters, he hit a nice total and some PR's..he is the guy who helped me with my bench shirt at the Tumwater WABDL meet !
Here, Lea Hendrix sets up to squat, she lifted in the RAW category, and did incredibly well--and what courage she showed throughout the 3 lift she had chemotherapy on the previous Wednesday...Lea is a World Champion Olympic lifter--Elite Powerlifter--web designer for USAPL, and the wife of World Champion Roger Hendrix..we are inspired by her example to stay with the sport during this bout with Cancer and everyone was shocked to learn of her illness.
Here are Lea and Roger at the meet !! Roger is just back from taking 2nd in the IPF World Masters in Palm Springs California he totaled 845 KILOS (1862 pounds) at 53 ! under some very tight judging.
Jody Cranston Lifted huge at 181--here he is with a 560 Dead !

Our venue was originally the 5th church of Christ--in modern times it is part of the Thriving new community of Columbia City in Seattle--look at the ornate mosaics that decorate the halls !

Here a few photos of the meet (sorry I didn't get more) this shows a lifter being spotted by Todd Christensen of Seattle who I thank greatly for his PERFECT hand offs in the Bench Press for me !

This photo is April Flora who was a teen when I knew her and her dad, James Flora, in the old days when were in the ADFPA in Washington state--she just came back to competing in Washington...and so did her dad !! --sorry James, I didn't shoot any shots of your lifts...I think my excuse will be that I was off being drug tested--I found the multiple choice questions the easiest...

I think we had about 34 entries or so, and the spirit was good, and a fine kettlebell demonstration was held that got lots of good comments !

Thanks to Bull Stewart and Richard Schuller and the Washington State USAPL for this nice Saturday event !!--

Here is the award plaque winners received.

on my
600 Bench Press at the Fabulous WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas, only a month away !!


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