Friday, September 26, 2008

Lock outs to 455

Yesterday, I wandered 3 minutes up the street to Target Fitness-- set to do a speed day on the bench...light --fast --etc.

But, after talking to Mike and Ralph and telling them how I lifted 600 in the bench at Tumwater, but had an un-even extension call by the judges and was denied the lift ( proper verdict of course) I got more in the spirit to do a heavier I grabbed one of the new FAT bars ( harder to grip, very big around) and did pin presses--all the warm up reps were fast in lieu of the speed work scheduled--and then I got to the slightly heavier raw stuff..

Pin presses on bench at chest height start
then I moved the pins higher so they were 2 inches higher--so it was more of a lockout...
and did
405 X6
and I called it quits....

next workout will be speed against the bands--then a shirt work out in my second best Katana to try to get a 600 partial without reverse bands...

closer to the Worlds I will be going OVER 600 with the best shirts so that 600 will not be HEAVY in Vegas...meanwhile in the land of "old" (I'm 66 in November)

l locked myself out of my apartment during the pouring rain yesterday....
i was in my stocking feet--and i closed my apt door hard--I went to put 2 mags in the recycle box downstairs and slip the rent under the laundry door...(inside building from apt. proper)
i then realize I've locked myself out of my apartment
(I always take my keys--always--but not this time )
BUT I have my wallet-
-in my wallet is a car key.
..and in my CAR
is keys to apt.
(old keys may or may not still work) I walk OUT in the pouring rain thru deep puddles in my stocking feet down the alley
a block up to PINE street where my car is parked...
get into my car--drive with my bare feet, an eerie feeling--
park in front of my apt. rustle for the hidden keys....
do they work???..
heart pounding...
near stroke in sore head
.....they work--I'm in !! but i'm drenched head to foot...and my socks have just been thru the alley of scuzz drenched and ice cold.....
i take them off and toss em....
Alzheimer's...or just not paying attention??

nope, gods way of telling me to change my socks...
are those my keys?


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