Saturday, October 11, 2008

I cannot wrist curl 485 !

Today was a heavy day with Katana shirt at Nancy's I was training for 2 contests, of course is the WABDL Worlds where I want to lift, and have the judges pass, 600 in the bench.

And at the last minute, a USAPL Meet in Seattle, this happens, Saturday October 18th
at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center Auditorium...

that is NEXT Saturday

...Jody Cranston was inspired to enter at the last minute, so I thought I'd tag along, and try to 'up' the USAPL American Record for masters 65-69 in the single lift bench is my OWN record and it is 'low' so getting the record past the 500 mark is a great idea....

Today the warmup was the ususal heavy day dance card-- 225 up to 350--then the shirt.

This is a looser, older more manageable shirt, so I thought I'd try 485, and during a long pause at the bottom of the lift I let the weight flip over on me--could I have straightened my wrists (hence title-wrist curl) I would've sent it skyward easily...but no such luck --so for the first time since I've known Bruce I stuck him with trying to get the load off of me...I gave him some push...and between he and Nancy, my life was saved ! and a 'sure thing' workout --was off to a bad start...
click on toon for full size--
cartoon I drew for CLEAN POWER in the 90's

I tried it again and it was good...USAPL Form and all...then I tried 512 and it was easy and good...
in the meet I'll shoot for 534 --if successful, that American record will exceed the IPF World record in all 60+ categories...

I believe Jody has a goal of a 573 deadlift at 181 --that would put him high atop the drug free records in the USAPL for a submasters aged lifter ! By Me--For Clean Power Magazine the USAPL/ ADFPA's Magazine in the 90's

We're trying to get Nancy to lift as well--but if the entry list is full...she might just be Super Helper and photographer !!

The rest of my training was, shirt and reverse bands, partial bench presses --550--584-- 600 --600--600 in better form than last week ! I held the weight a long time as to get the benefit of supporting maximal weights--felt like a great week's meet will be my HEAVY WORKOUT for the week ! Click on pic for full size

POWERLIFTING USA MAGAZINE is in at Mayfair magazines in Vancouver (on Broadway just west of Granville) the August issue was LATE and I was worried that they'd not carry the mag any more...but the Store, and Emma Marian distributors came thru, and Vancouver lifters can find the AUG issue now !
and in 2 weeks the SEPT issue..


Blogger Tony said...

Great stuff Rob.Thanks for the laugh on my blog. I see your training is going well. As I get feeling better now, I'm sad that I'm not going but there is no way I would be ready in time. Well good luck next weekend.

3:41 PM  

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