Saturday, October 04, 2008

600 isn't 500's Older's 700's Big Sister !!

In trying to adjust to benching 600...and making it feel comfortable, I reflect on how 500 felt when I first arrived in THAT Neighborhood...500 was very heavy and challenging...but it is no 600....600 might as well be is a daunting load !
a weight I would like to get my body and mind used to, before I attempt it again at the WABDL Worlds in Las Vegas November 7th
(yes, that IS right...a Wednesday)

Watching the attempts on video from the Tumwater looks like I'm there...but on heavy training days like today at Nancy's gym...the race to get that poundage to feel light is very tricky...I don't want to wear my newest Katana in training and loosen it for the meet... (defeating it's pop) I need a method to feel that weight, and do top end work with I used the shirt and reverse bands combo again...the shirt was my 2 year old Titan that would be good for a 550 bench in competition if used 2nd best shirt...

warm up raw--

225 X6

switch to shirt--


shirt and GREEN reverse bands

567--584-- 600 partial, hard to lock--600 partial, hard to lock--slightly re-torque shirt..600 down to Number 7 post for 2 easy ones...
and one more 600 to #7 post for one good one...

assisted partial with 600 final of 4

Then we did reverse BLUE bands raw--and Bruce and Nancy got GREAT workouts in..and I followed along just to get some reps in...the combo of overload
and a 'pump' made it an effective workout for me...

One thing I noted--I was strong but sore today...I still hadn't recovered from my speed day (snuck in Weds --but not written about) I take 4 days to come back from any Hard, I'll program my workouts for better recovery..especially in these weeks so close to the meet !

Just a few more HEAVY workouts to go, before the time is here !


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