Wednesday, November 05, 2008

7 days until the WABDL Worlds !

Speed bench 225 X10 reps X3sets
+295 +315 +335

I did a quick workout today, one I can recover from before Saturday...
that's the day I put on my MEET Katana and try
an ideal 2nd attempt
and a 600 3rd...

I'm not going to go all out and try to do it in a perfect manner...but more a test of how the shirt is fitting at my meet bodyweight...and how it responds to 600 (POP)
by the way, team Canada for WABDL is:

1. Blair Fisher bench and deadlift 47-53 308 class
2. John Wolbers Bench and Deadlift 54-60
3. Robt. O. Smith Bench only 308 masters '61 -67
4.Gary Bobrovitz
5. Warren Orr 308 wt class bench
6. William Sterling
7. Steve Baker
8. Joe LaMonica

The only loose end I haven't handled is a shirt helper and a lift off person...since I'm lifting on the first day, the day when the OLDER guys lift...I'm hoping there is someone who can mess with my shirt-belt-wraps and a separate lift off dude who wont drop 600 on my head...anyway..that always USUALLY works out...but if I were rich, Bruce Everett and Nancy Carpenter would be coming along to take care of that frazzle...

meanwhile, before the WABDL World meet...IPF is having their Worlds here in Canada --IPF dot com and Powerlifting Watch link you to the results daily--good luck teams Canada and USA !!
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Blogger Ruthita said...

All Hail T-P!!!
Only a week to go!
*twirls wildly*

12:05 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thank You !
Altho I can't wait for this event to happen...believe it or don't I am nervous...who cares? well the other passengers on the plane that's who---when my teeth chattering sounds like an engine going out !

hoping not to twirl wildly--hee hee !

12:57 PM  

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