Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yes, I still work out !

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Yes, I did my light workout today and I felt pretty strong... I guess I haven't lost any steam since resting a bit after the Worlds....actually, I feel much stronger now--- could I have a "Do Over" ?

Speaking of the Worlds here is the initial RESULTS LINK --click already !
the website is undergoing some updating --check out the galleries and forum !

Congratulations to the guys on Team Canada--lots National records there --and it also looks a bit like those of us who wanted BIG numbers shared the same fate...doing 2 good lifts and not hitting the monster lift !---but there are more meets next year and it gives us enthusiasm to hit new heights in 2009 !

Oh yeah, the title....

"Yes, I still work out !"

is less about my days off lately, and more about the number of people who know me from other aspects of my life...and see me in a meet tee shirt that says '2008' on it....and see hundreds of trophies strewn around my motley digs...and ask...

"Hey Powerlifting? --you still train?"

of course that reminds me that I don't much LOOK like I lift anymore ...funny how I've never lifted MORE...maybe I should take bets at pubs and make some 'pool shark' type money !?

HAH yeah, right !


Blogger Island Strength said...

Way to go champ!

Steve Denning

3:05 AM  

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