Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best Lifter, Heavy 61-67 ! But no 600 !

This years 1st place statue compared to a smaller version --given in regional meets.
Just back from Las Vegas, I nearly got the goal 600 Bench Press --but barely missed it at lockout...this would normally be a bad bit of news...But I managed to out luck some amazing lifters in the 61-67 Heavy class, 11 lifters in our flight, with Robert C. Lincoln...Ron Hood...Doug Knapp...all capable of huge benches...but because 12 is my lucky number and we lifted on November 12th, I sneakily remain WABDL's 'masters 61-67' Top Frog...well for today, that is !

I got 490+540

then shot for 600

and had a 3D view of a speeding 600 pound knurling sandwich...but the spotters saved me...

I tried a 4th attempt and got it just a few inches from lockout..and held it for a long time, it was no go...but the audience enjoyed the lift and had nothing but enthusiasm for the 61-67 flight...I wonder if there was ONE of us in that crew that didn't have some sort of injury or glitch to take us from our top performances...

Day one had some great perfomances in both the bench and deadlift...
at the WABDL Worlds, there are NO throw away days...

Here's one of the afternoons good benches !

Here is Warren Orr --who got 2nd in Masters with a 451--he was ill at the time with the vandaluzian nose rot--and the crowded airplane flu ! Team Canada's Warren Orr, as he receives his 2nd place statue from Gus Rethwisch--Warren placed in both the Open and the Masters 40-46 308 class

Some more big lifts from day one of the WABDL Worlds !!
Marcus Austin
Marcus Lifted his opener so fast, it resembled a clean
The Great Bud Davis was shooting for a 700 deadlift in the 61-67 masters

Betty Lafferty

Robert Cortez

Gus awards Ron Hood his 1st place Bench Press trophy

The audience

Vince Breaux was victorious in the 220 61-57 class with a 488 WR Bench

Dana Backiel
Gus wants the spotters HERE to protect lives
In their 80's The Whinstons from Portland, never miss lifting at a Worlds !
Warren Orr and his wife at their first WABDL Worlds

Look for the BIG Worlds report NOW at
The Main Power Page (click it)
Great Lifters, Bill Gillespie and Joe Mickelson ~

Thanks to Frank Caminita for perfecting my shirt and for coaching...this guy really knows his stuff and was a gas to work with ! READ THE BEST BENCH Interview EVER with Frank CLICK HERE Don't miss it !!

Big thanks too to Bob Lincoln who handed off for me and his Dad...and others !
both my helpers are 700+ benchers !

I'm blessed !

Thanks --more later !


Blogger zaitsoff said...

congrats on the best lifter

9:35 PM  
Blogger Ruthita said...

Without the iffy forearm, the sore wrist, and the dubious shoulders, you could have not only lifted the 600 perfectly, but twirled it in the air as well! :)

8:26 AM  

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