Saturday, November 22, 2008

Comin' back Strong !

After the WABDL Worlds...I didn't workout for 7 days --then it was a light day with fast reps and some raw singles in the mix, to 355--

3 days later, Today, I did a shirted workout at Nancy's gym --Bruce Everett as spotter/ loader.

Warm ups with no shirt
225X 6 280X2 308 330 350 370

then I put on my 2nd best Katana---and did 440--490--and 507
then reverse bands to help the reps of 551 578 and felt very good ...but I had gained some weight back so my lifting was more solid than in the meet...and my wrist was better today...but later my right shoulder flared up again....

to keep the flow going --I did raw sets with bands with weights from 308 to 440 lots of reps...

Bruce and Nancy had great workouts...and we did lunch at the 'Edge' which is close to Nancy's place --my fave is their Butter that menu --it is my
'One Note Samba'

I have it every 2 weeks !

Below there are new pictures in the meet report--Warren Orr
emailed some to me--He got a 2nd place for team Canada !


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glad vegas went well,

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