Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green Bands for Progression.

The last few shirted workouts at Nancy's Gym had me using a shirt AND Blue bands to get used to singles with 600 pounds...Today the idea was to progress by taking off ONE training wheel...

2 weeks ago I worked up to 600 for 4 singles with Blue (strongest) Bands.

Today I worked up to 1 rep of 600 with the lighter GREEN bands--and the shirt had come 'un -torqued by then'
so it was more of a real weight to push 2 weeks the progression will to be reps (2 ) or... more sets...with the shirt in the same slightly disadvantageous loosened mode...

The workout was 135 X12 225X6 285X2 308X 1 and 330 and 350 as final warm ups without the shirt.

Then the shirt, and singles with 440+ 485+ 507
then re- torque sleeves ONE time..

550+573+ 600 with green bands added, and by the 600 lift, the shirt needed torqued again but to challenge myself, we didn't use the crutch...we did it without the adjustment...

then I did pin presses without the shirt from chest height it was easy to pop up...
330 350 370 and 380...

Then Bruce and Nancy hit PRs in lifts today too as we all took turns graduating downward to the green reverse bands.

Nancy is hitting more in the reverse band bench than our 240 pound friend Paul Wells....And Bruce hit a record single today too.

It is too friggin cold everywhere...but today it was so cold my Diesel Benz couldn't be revived with the jumper from the BIG BCAA truck (no, not Branch Chain Amino Acids ) so, I walked to Nancy's gym...45 mins in
-8 degrees....sunny and frozen..
it was a very good thing for me...would you believe I wasn't 'up to speed' until 35 mins into the walk?
turtle blood I guess, same viscosity as the 20/50 oil in my car...

luckily the jumper cables worked on ME !


Blogger Tony said...

Good training Rob. Normally a forty five min walk would be a good warm up.It's been a little cool up here to, it's a good excuse to eat, train, and sleep. Well merry Christmas

8:52 AM  
Blogger zaitsoff said...

-8 and you whining typical west been -20 for poor benz not running, poor baby you had to go could of call a cab intead of walking but then you would have nothing to brag about.bravo.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Hey Tony !! Thanks --By all rights I should walk at least that much daily...and after that thaw maybe it will teach me to get that walk in as prescribed for health..Merry Christmas to you too !!

Zaitsoff-- Actually cold wasn't as much an issue as frozen sidewalks...perfect hip breakin weather...actually "brag about" should really be construed as "Joke About" ---
'brag about' would've been
"it was -17 chill factor and I wore nothing but a tee shirt and a my stocking feet"

9:30 AM  

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