Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heavy Day sets

I did my workout at Target on Broadway today---It was pin presses from chest height with no bench shirt....
warm ups
Then 315 again for 8--
365X 1
+ another 395 X 1
I put the very small purple bands in the reverse band mode and did
405X3 425X2 then 455 and 455 for singles.

out of all the lifts the 385 390 and 395's were feeling heavy as were the 'reverse purple' 425 and 455's--that's where my workout felt best !

next weeks Heavy work is back at Nancy's condo gym with shirt and bigger weights !

Don't forget to enjoy The Oldtime Strongman articles here at Ditillo2(click)
it's where you'll find
great OLD pics like this rare one
Our All time Hero, Doug Hepburn!!!

the site has a 'funny name' but the material is changed almost daily--it's like having 2000 Strength & Health magazines from years past ! great courses from people who are the history of the Iron Sports !

(thanks Dave Greene for hippin' me to the site)


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