Saturday, December 06, 2008

Heavy Saturday Power Party !

Here, "Hunky Dorky" lives in a world of Powerlifting trophies.

Heavy day at Nancy's condo gym...LOOSE Katana shirt after the usual Raw warm ups to 330 ..needed lots of sets to get the soreness from Wednesday's workout gone...

Shirt ON then used 440 --500-- 510-- singles.

The 510 felt heavy...but the shirt was not in Katana 'evening gown configuration'---so since it was in 'chokey' mode ...I guess I musta powered that one out myself .

Then we used reverse bands, and took the bar up to
then 600
for 4 singles---
the progression being UP from 2 singles in the last heavy shirt workout 2 weeks time I may use a weaker set of bands--try more singles or add weight to the 600--but we will progress upward.


I see in the WABDL schedule the earliest meet to try 600 again in --is in Pasco Washington in March on the 14th---Pasco is a HARD travel for me...hope I can figure a way to go...I'm a little too scary looking to hitchhike.

But in 2009, the good news for our loyal WABDL Northwest Team is, there are meets already scheduled that aren't too hard to plan, like:

June 13: WABDL National Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships

Shilo Hotel Portland OR

Gus Rethwisch 763-545-8654 or 503-901-1622

August 22: WABDL Iron Gladiators Great Northern Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships

Red Lion Hotel Olympia WA

These will be terrific meets, plus Bull R Productions in Seattle is putting on some good meets this year too---so maybe we'll be back in action here soon...

I'd like to expand our little traveling team to a few more members this year...
so far we usually send
1. Nancy Carpenter--
2. myself.. Bench Bozo--
3. Jody Cranston

but it's not far fetched to see.....

Jane Smith
Warren Orr
Bruce Everett-
(he can really deadlift !!)

added to the traveling team of competitors, it's great when we all get together and speak "barbell"

Dave Greene tells me he may enter the next BCPA meet here in Vancouver in the bench only...I expect him to lift Raw ! (no bench shirt)

Good Work PLUSA Readers !! The latest issue of Powerlifting USA is all but sold out at Mayfair magazines....
I expect the newest issue to be on the stands in 2 weeks !


Blogger Tony said...

Great stuff Rob looks like your training is going well. I see you are planning next year already. I'm looking at cpo nationals in May if I can afford it. Two more weeks and I start training for it. twenty weeks goes fast. Talk to you soon.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

hey Rob there is some info on their web site about the cpo. there is a seat sale on right now with air canada $580 for me to fly to toronto. I think Bruce will be sending out an email soon there is a bunch of things in the works for next year hopefully it all works out.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Thorndike Pickledish said...

Thanks Tony !!

I think I'd better try to get back on board at the CPO this year..I'll look into the info and of course be interested in Bruce McIntires newsletter...

best robo

4:39 PM  

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