Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just a Workout !

Today a heavy bench presses at chest height in squat rack...
warm up with lotsa reps with empty bar and then 135--

tried to get the shoulder to feel good--

225 for 6 FAST reps--
315X5+ 315X5--

then 365 for 2 easy fast reps.

then singles with, 385 + 385+390+390+ 395...

then I raised the level of the bar three inches off my chest, and did 405 for 2...
and singles with
and that was it !
Can't wait to get under the heavy iron in a shirt next week with Nancy and Bruce !

I will use my recent competition shirt
(tighter than the latest one I've used for training)
and try for a 550 or so complete single, and then a partial with 600--this time no reverse bands...

If I see a coming meet feasible, (travel+expense+readiness) a few weeks later I'll 'break- in' my Super Katana to see how that effects my form and power for the platform ahead !


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